Lagos State Agricultural Development Authority  
The Agricultural Technical Services Component generates and adapts new and improved technologies to improve food production in the State. It liaises with agricultural research institutes and related agencies in the provision of available on-shelf proven technologies to farmers in Lagos State as well as liaise with Lagos Agricultural Inputs Supply Agency and other agencies in the provision of available on-shelf proven technologies to farmers. The Agricultural Technical Services Component of the Lagos State Agricultural Developement Authority comprises five sub-components namely: Fisheries Developement, Livestock Developement, Crops Developement, Agro-processing and Farm Mechanization. 
Crops Development


The sub-component sources for new and friendly technologies as a way of adding value to agricultural produce and alleviating the drudgery associated with traditional processing methods of farmers and linking farmers/ processors with tested and trusted fabricators for the purchase of equipment useful to them.

The objectives of the sub-component are to ensure sustainable food production in the state through the development and introduction of new and improved technologies that will increase productivity and enhance the standard of living of farmers in the State. 

Farm Mechanisation
The overall objective of the sub-component is to introduce simple, improved and sustainable technologies to farmers in order to reduce drudgery, improve farm operations and increase production.
The sub-component promotes aquaculture through fingerlings out-growers for stocking of ponds, developing appropriate technical packages for fisheries extension and liaising with relevant research institutes on proven technologies for fisheries adaptive research.

The overall objective of the sub-component is to aid small scale mixed and livestock farmers develop rabbit, poultry, pigs, sheep and goat herds for improved and sustained production, and development of specialized livestock packages for farmers interested in micro livestock, (grasscutter and quail farming, snail rearing and bee keeping). Also to provide routine and emergency animal health ambulatory services to livestock farmers in Lagos State.

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