Lagos State Agricultural Development Authority  
The main objectives of the Extension Services component is to ensure sufficient geographical coverage of Lagos State; to make maximum impact on farmers, fisherfolk and agro-processors through the difussion of recommended agricultural practises. The specific objectives are stipulated under the three sub-components of the Extension Services component namely:- Field Activities, Communication Support and Women in Agriculture (WIA).
Our Mission
Field Activities
Promoting sustainable agriculture in a healthy environment through
efficient service delivery
Saddled with the responsibility of disseminating  proven technologies on improved management practices at it relates to crops, livestock, fisheries, agro-processing,farm mechanisation and women in agriculture. The sub-component has 64 extension agents who visit farmers on a fortnightly basis with new proven technologies as well as proffering solutions to farm and farming problems. Extension Agent to Farmers ratio is 1:6204 and estimated 600,000 farm families.
Communication Support

Women in Agriculture

This unit coordinates and presents all communication about LSADA and its activities to the public through radio, television, print and social media platforms. Responsible for the publication of quarterly Magazine; Lagos Farmers and weekly radio program 'Boluyo', and telivision program; "Feeding the Nation".
The woman in agriculture is the gender arm of the Extension Component. It‘s main activity is tailored along women activities such as processing of agricultural produce as well as sourcing for gender specific technologies. It organises and also train block extension agents and women farmers across the State.
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