Lagos State Agricultural Development Authority  
The Lagos State Agricultural Development Authority (LSADA) formerly known as the Lagos State Agricultural Development Project (LSADP), was established in 1987 (Edict No 14 of 31st August 1989) and became a scheduled parastatal of the State Government with effect from 1st of April, 1995 (Edit No. 8 of 17th August, 1997) as the implementing arm of the State Ministry of Agriculture. The Authority is a service-oriented agency, providing technical agricultural services to the farmers/ fisherfolks in the State. 
Our Vision
Extension Services
To be a major contributor to sustainable economic growth and social wellbeing in Lagos State
Lagos State Agricultural Development Authority (LSADA) has the mandate to increase the productivity and income of the farmers/ fisherfolks in Lagos State through effective extension services delivery as well as liaise between research institutions on farmers’ problems.
The main objectives of the Extension Services component is to ensure sufficient geographical coverage of Lagos state; to make a maximum impact on farmers, fisherfolks, and agro-processors through the diffusion of recommended agricultural practice. 
Technical Services
Engineering and Agro-Processing
The Agricultural Technical Services Component generates and adapts new and improved technologies to improve food production in the State. It liaises with agricultural research institutes and related agencies in the provision of available on-shelf proven technologies to farmers in Lagos State as well as liaise with Lagos Agricultural Inputs Supply Agency and other agencies in the provision of available on-shelf proven technologies to farmers.
The Engineering Component provides services to farmers with a view to improving the standard of living of rural dwellers through technology as well as transforming raw materials and intermediate products derived from agriculture into valuable product. 
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